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Corporate Banking




CCB London has a proven track record in playing a major role in providing financing for Chinese firms operating in the UK.  These include:


Syndicated Loans


A Syndicated Loan is a loan arrangement where multiple banks or non-banking financial institutions approved for loan services adopting the same loan agreement on ground of homogenous conditions to a single borrower. CCB London is an active participant in the syndicated loan market in Europe assisting clients who have links with China.


Currency and Tenor: The transaction currency may be both RMB and foreign currencies. The tenor of the syndicated loan is negotiated by and between the borrower and the lenders according to the borrower's production cycle, repayment capacity, and project valuation. The tenor is generally up to 5 years.


Bilateral Loans


CCBLondon is dedicated to UK-China trade loans and has an expert team with specialist expertise in loan management.  As such we are able to grant various bilateral loans. We offer a full suite of products including:


n  Loans for working capital purposes

n  Project Loans

n  Corporate and Acquisition Loans

n  Term Loans

n  Revolving

n  Overdraft facilities




CCB London provides regular term and demand deposit services to its eligible customers - UK registered companies, non-UK based companies in the business range of CCBL, and Governments and Financial Institutions.




CCB London’s outstanding professional service team manages a documentary business that covers the whole suite of traditional banking products used in trade settlements flows.  It is supported by the Bank’s advanced and efficient trade settlement systems that enjoys a leading position among Chinese peers and benefits from a worldwide business network of banks.  The documentary business includes:


n  Import Letters of Credit (‘L/Cs’):  Issuance of various kinds of L/Cs

n  Export Letters of Credit:  Advising L/Cs received to local beneficiaries

n  Documentary Collections:  Import and Export Bills for Collection

n  Guarantees and Standby L/C:  Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Payment Guarantee, Standby L/Cs


CCB London is familiar with and conforms to the industry norms with regards to the standards of ICC publications, namely The ‘Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits’ (UCP), ‘The International Standard Banking Practice’ (ISBP), ‘International Standby Practices’ (the ISP 98), ‘The Uniform Rules for Collections’ (URC)), and the ‘Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees’ (URDG).




The CCB Group owns over 2,000 agent banks covering major countries and regions and has a specialist expertise in Documentary Letter of Credit including:


L/C Issuing:  CCB London acts as an issuing bank and makes payment once the documents presented comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in the L/C

L/C Advice:  CCB London is able to act as the advising bank and advise authenticated L/Cs to beneficiaries in the business range of CCB London.




By utilising CCB London’s guarantees and standby letters of credit, companies are able to increase their chance of winning negotiations and bids significantly.   The Bank’s undertaking also eliminates the need to place a margin deposit with the other party, thus increasing your financial efficiency.  Once you complete your contract, you and your counterparty can rest assured that your contractual obligations will be performed. The products include:

Guarantees: CCBL can issue Performance Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Bid Guarantee etc. under the counter guarantee of CCB domestic branch or other banks that’s granted an institutional credit line by CCB London.


Standby Letter of Credit: The standby L/C basically fulfils the same purpose as a guarantee and CCBL is able to issue various kinds of Standby L/Cs under counter guarantees.


Advice of a Guarantee: CCBL is able to receive SWIFT based Guarantees and Standby L/Cs, authenticate and advise to local beneficiaries within the business range of CCBL.




Collections is an easier and cheaper process than a Letter of Credit; the risks are also reduced as the title of goods is transferred only after the importer’s full payment (D/P) or acceptance of a draft (D/A) and, for the exporter, there is also less risk compare with Open Account (O/A) payment terms.  No advance payment is required when the exporter arranges shipments; documents are released and goods may be taken immediately against your payment. In particular, nearly no funds are tied up with D/A as you may make payment after the goods are sold and money returns.  CCB London’s undertaking also ensures the buyer/owner that your product and/or project are in compliance with the terms and conditions agreed between you and the buyer/owner.  The products include:


Documentary Collections: including D/P and D/A, both inward and outward.

Documents against payment(D/P): CCBL may only release the documents simultaneously against immediate payment.

Documents against acceptance (D/A): CCBL may only release the documents against acceptance of a draft by the importer, e.g. on a date 180 days after the goods were dispatched.




CCB London’s trade finance ensures fast payment coupled with reasonable discount costs.


We offer trade finance and documentary services including Import and Export Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections and Guarantees.  We have a special emphasis on guiding clients on how best to trade with China in multi-currency contracts especially denominated in Chinese Renminbi (RMB).





We can offer customized cross-border trade related CNH (offshore RMB) and CNY (onshore RMB) products and services.


Commodity Trade Finance


Our Commodity Trade Finance Department is able to offer our customers additional products to mitigate liquidity, counterparty and/or country risks by way of self-liquidating transactional finance, borrowing base arrangements, inventory finance and receivables finance


Treasury facilities including Deposits, FX and Swaps


CCB London is one of the top 5 banks in the RMB Foreign Exchange market in London.


L/C Discount


L/C discount enables the user to receive payment more promptly, improving cashflow and facilitating the ability to offer trading partners longer payment terms, which can help achieve a stronger negotiating position and improve customer/supplier relationships.  Both RMB and non-RMB L/Cs can be discounted.


TT/LC Refinancing


CCB London, as Chinese Trade experts, have been dedicated to TT/LC refinancing since it opened its doors to business in 2009.  The service promotes fast payment at reasonable refinancing costs.  In trade, when the exporter requests sight payment or grants a shorter defer payment period than the importer desires, the importer may apply TT/LC Refinancing with CCB London, which can help smoothly conclude the commodity trade and guarantee enough deferred payment period.


Payables Financing


CCB London provides efficient banking services and financial support at a competitive price to our clients. Payables financing is a financing service in which, at the request of the importer, CCBL advances payment for imported goods or services to an exporter.


Import-related Payables financing is applicable to the following international settlement products: documents against payment (D/P), documents against acceptance (D/A) under import collection settlement; and payment in advance and cash on delivery under T/T.


Receivables Financing


China is one of the biggest exporting countries in the world and, as such, CCB London has a strong customer base and is expert in foreign exchange transactions.  Receivables Financing has been a regular and successful financing product for CCB’s overseas branches.  In Receivables financing, CCB London is invited to take part in the receivable financing transaction, and the exporter accordingly assigns such Receivable(s) to CCB London. On receipt of satisfactory Receivable documentation, CCBL will confirm and effect payment to the Exporter.




CCB London’s professional team has rich international settlement experience and a strong overseas and domestic network.  It offers a range of off-shore RMB products including:




-  RMB term deposits

-  RMB structured deposits


Documentary Service:


-  RMB L/C

-  RMB payments and collections

-  RMB Guarantees and SBLC


Trade Finance:


-  RMB L/C discounting

-  Forfaiting in RMB

-  Payables Financing in RMB

-  Receivables Financing in RMB


Loan Services:


-  RMB Syndication Loans

-  RMB Bilateral Loans


Treasury Services:


-  RMB SPOT, Forward, NDF and other Derivatives


CCBL provides diversified solutions to offshore settlement and financing in RMB for enterprises engaged in international trade or overseas investment. We can offer customized trade-related CNH/CNY products and services. Off-shore RMB Settlement and financing means RMB fulfills the functions of valuation and settlement in international trade.